Indianapolis warehouse space for sale Only $6.50 per square Ft!

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The building is set up for multi-tenant use. The Rail spur on the North side of the building is approximately 10 years old , fully functional and is operated by Norfolk Southern. The building has undergone a complete face lift in 2006.

Acreage:  38.62

Zoning:  Heavy Industrial
Land Survey DRAWING
Square footage:

  • Approximately 195,000 sq. feet of total warehouse space. (There are Two (2) mechanical rooms that has basically been left alone at this point that makes up roughly 9K ft.)
  • Approximately 186,000 sq. feet of production and warehouse space.
  • Electrical Service:
  • 5200 Amps of 3 Phase power at 240V


  • Clear Heights:  These range from approximately 18′ to 23′. The only low are in the entire warehouse is in area E which is approximately 12′.
  • Concrete:  All of the concrete is in good condition. There were numerous locations that were cut out and removed, doweled back in and then repoured.
  • Lighting:  The higher bay areas (A,B,C,D,F,H) have new Metal Halide lights. Some of the lower bay areas have a mixture of Sodium vapor and fluorescent. This only applies in area E.


  • Building A: Currently has no office space. There is a new lift station installed in the South East corner of this building which is plumbed into the city sewer. This area has plenty of electricity and is ready for office to be added as necessary.
  • Building B: This area has approximately 400 Sq. Feet of office space with an additional area available that could create another 400 sq. feet
  • Building C: This area has no office currently. The machine shop utilizes the existing office space in building E.
  • Building D: Currently has no office space. There is a new lift station installed in the South west corner of this building which is plumbed into the city sewer. This area has plenty of electricity and is ready for office to be added as necessary.
  • Building E: This building has approximately 400 Sq. Feet of office space that is currently occupied by the machine shop tenant.
  • Building F: This building has roughly 500 Sq. Feet of office space on the South side. There is a uni-sex restroom inside the offices. There are Two (2) additional restrooms adjacent to this office space that are accessed from the warehouse side. On the north side of building F there are Two(2) additional office spaces available. Both of which are approximately 800 Sq. Feet each. All offices have HVAC.- These areas are within the Meyer Flooring area.
  • Building H: This building has roughly 250 sq. feet of office space with Two (2) large restrooms , men’s and women’s , located adjacent to the office and accessed from the warehouse. Accu-Tech’s area.


  • Walls:  The entire main building has been reskinned with new steel siding. The shell of the building is primarily concrete block which has been furred out with 2 x 4’s. The new siding was then attached to the 2 x 4’s. All of the bottom 2 x 4’s are treated. There are new gutters throughout the facility that have been flashed back in.
  • Docks:  There are numerous docks throughout the facility as shown on the layout. The 3-dock pit was added recently along with the new dock plates and shelters. There is also an exterior dock on the West side of area F that is new. This was done to allow anyone leasing area D the ability to unload semi-trailers.  There is a new dock plate installed on the West side of the Rail Spur dock at area C. There were 3-new dock plates and seals added at the West side of Area H.


  • Exterior: All of the exterior doors/frames with the exception of 1-2 have been replaced with new.
  • Over Head Doors:  The majority of the Overhead doors have been replaced. A few have been repaired. There are 3- ground level doors that enable complete semi’s to pull in to the building. Two (2) of them are located on the South wall of area A. The other one is located on the East wall of area C.


  • All of the roofs are in good condition. The bulk of the roofs are EPDM that are roughly 10-12 years old. Considering that these are 20 year roofs you have roughly 8-10 years left.
  • One portion of the roof on the Northeast building has a spray on polyurethane system with an acrylic top coat. I’m unsure of the date it was installed. It is in good condition however. This roof is roughly 15K sq. Feet.
  • Two (2) of the buildings on the West side have metal roofs. Buildings A & B.

Parking Lot:

The parking lot is primarily asphalt in fair to good condition. There is ample parking throughout.

Rail Spur:

Installed in or around 1997. Operated by Norfolk Southern.


  • Gas- There was a new main meter base set at the South East corner of the building. All tenants will have there own meter and will pay directly to the gas co.
  • Water- All buildings will have individual water meters fed from the primary meter at the street. These will need to be read monthly and billed accordingly.
  • Elect.- All tenants are sub metered at their panels with a device called an (E-Mon D-Mon) . This is basically a meter that records kilowatt consumption.

These meters are read at the same time the water meters are read and billed accordingly to tenants.

Phones- There has been a new phone panel set be the local phone company.

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