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Anyone can be a leader, but being a good leader takes time and dedication to the task at hand. What is a good leader? Is it the person elected to run the United States? Is it the captain or coach of the NFL football team who has been to the Superbowl? The father or mother who is raising a genius? Or the president of a large company? Everyone has their own idea of what a good or even a great leader is but there is no wrongdoer answer. If you ask the players of a sports team they will say the coach followed by the team captain. Teachers in a top notch school will say their principal or academic president. The definition of leader is ” somebody who guides or directs others.” Being the leader of a successful business is the best reward an owner can achieve. A good leader will have good followers and that is what will create an outstanding business not an ordinary business that people forget. It is up to each person to be a leader and it is those who are confident and passionate about what they are doing that will be successful in life.

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