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Key to a successful business: Enjoy what you are doing

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Starting your own business is like picking out a pair of shoes. When you look for shoes you want the right color, fit right, and compatibility. Starting your own business is no different. You want to do something you like and enjoy, fits your lifestyle, and is compatible with you. Entrepreneurs are passionate about their […]

What is Rack and Real Estate?

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A business owner calls our property manager stating he is looking for 60,000sf of space and needing racking installed also. Is this something that you do? Yes sir it is and CLL’s Rack and Real Estate division would be happy to assist you. Our qualified property management team searches our expansive data base for the […]

Entrepreneurs in Indiana

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We have talked before about why a company should locate to Indiana. What the advantages are tax wise, what the city has to offer, cost of living, crime rate, educational rankings, and unemployment to name a few. So many times people ask locals why do you want to live in a state that is too […]